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Handwoven Textiles, Sylvia Fraser-Lu of South-East Asia
30,00 EUR


Traditinal Indonesian Textiles - John Gillow Photographs by Barry Dawson
15,00 EUR


Indonesische Textilien - Wege zu Göttern und Ahnen
40,00 EUR


Indonesisch Textiel, Vera Gaikhorst Museum Het Princessehof, Leuwarden
10,00 EUR


Auspicious Beginnings, Textile Arts, Inc. Textiles with bird Imagery
5,00 EUR


Threads of Life, The Katonah Gallery A private collectio of textiles fromIndonesia and Sarawak
15,00 EUR


Selection from the Steven G. Alpert Collection of Indonesian Textiles
10,00 EUR


Rites of Passage, Mary Hunt Kahlenberg -Coll. Mingei International Museum of World Folk Art
20,00 EUR


Urs Ramseyer: Chlothing, Ritual and Society in Tenganan Pegeringsingarn (Bali)
20,00 EUR


ship cloths of the lampung south sumatera Glerie Mabuhay, Amsterdam
20,00 EUR


Textiles of Indonesia, Indonesian Arts Society in association with The National Gallery of Victoria
10,00 EUR


PUA Zeremonialtücher der Iban aus Borneo Galerie Exler Co., Frankfurt
10,00 EUR


Early Indoseian Textiles, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
22,00 EUR


The Art of Indonesian Textiles The E.M. Bakwin Collection at the Institute of Chicago
19,00 EUR

Handwoven Textiles, Sylvia Fraser-Lu