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Andrew Galli / Daniel Gundlach
Batik tells a story like no other textile can about the history of an island people and their beliefs. From early influences of Hinduism and Islamic trade to a demand for brightly colored floral cloths highly prized in Europe, batik has made its way from the Sultan’s Palace in Yokyakarta to the village community, where highly skilled artisans produce batik for a range of buyers and tastes.

The film “BATIK OF JAVA: A VISUAL JOURNEY” offers a wonderful overview into the national treasure of Indonesia. A wonderful opportunity to learn batik visually, and an excellent basis for moving on to appreciate some of the many books on batik, surface design, and Indonesian Art & Culture.

Join us on this journey into the heart of batik making as we bring the process and the story of batik to life.

Runtime: 95 Minutes
English Language / English Subtitles


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